Workshops, seminars, and trainings are available for small or large groups and organizations.

Staff members available for speaking will depend on focus of topic and availability of speaker, but may include Dr. Liz or Dr. Neetu Anand. Some co-leaders of team-taught sessions may also include external speakers such as Dr. Latinia Shell, Nick Miron, Dr. Radhika Sehgal, or  Tim Hensley.

(Note: Clinical process / therapeutic groups also offered at downtown office on a rotating / seasonal basis or as needed. Individual participants may register for these when available. Therapeutic groups often include Therapeutic Art Workshop for Anxiety and Therapeutic Art Workshop for Trauma History.)

Anti-Prejudice (individual or team-taught):

Common topics in this area include:

  • Racism
  • Sexism
  • Gender and orientation
  • SES/poverty
  • Immigration/nationality issues
  • Disability
  • Systemic issues and social context
  • Constructive approaches with self, family, colleagues

More about this workshop topic here: Workshops: Anti-Prejudice

Mental Health Topics for Medical/Dental Practitioners (individual or team-taught):

Seminar format: Brown-bag or longer (30-90 minutes)

  • Treating Patients with Trauma History
  • Mental Health Issues in General Practice
  • Outpatient Treatment Teamwork With Mental Health
  • Psychology Issues of Medical Students / Practitioners
  • Multicultural Issues in Health Care

More about this seminar topic here: Seminars: Mental Health for Medical Practitioners

Rates vary depending on several factors including length of seminar or workshop, travel distance, number of attendees and facilitators. Please contact us for further information:


Phone / fax:

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