New York Passes Landmark LGBTQ Equality Legislation

New York State Bans Dangerous Conversion “Therapy,” Protects Gender Expression in legislation passed today:

Pennsylvania is NOT among the states to have passed a statewide ban on conversion “therapy.” Only 18% of our population is estimated to be protected by local bans in our state. Check out the maps on this site for more information:





It’s Very Good; It’s Not Okay

It’s very good to support women and be anti-sexist; it’s not okay to use racism in critiquing sexism.

It’s very good to support BIPOC and be anti-racist: it’s not okay to use anti-gay prejudice in critiquing racism.

It’s very good to support LGBTQ folks and be anti-heterosexism/transphobia: it’s not okay to use classism in critiquing heterosexism/transphobia.

It’s very good to support financially marginalized people and be anti-poverty: it’s not okay to use ableism in critiquing classism.

It’s very good to support the disability community and be anti-ableist; it’s not okay to use ageism in critiquing ableism.

It’s very good to support the agency of children and elders and be anti-ageism; it’s not okay to use fatphobia in critiquing ageism.

It’s very good to support body positivity and be anti-fatmisia; it’s not okay to use sexism in critiquing fatphobia.


You can mix these up all you want and they still apply!

If we are pointing out someone’s problematic behavior or words, we must remember not to use problematic words of our own to characterize them.

If we do, we’re not just criticizing that person, we are playing into stereotypes and making life harder for vulnerable others who are not that person. We are engaging in bigotry ourselves!

For useful, practical ways to call out problematic behaviors and words, check out this helpful guide from Southern Poverty Law Center.



Trans Rights at Risk

To our transgender friends, family, and neighbors: you are valid and worthy of love and support. We are with you and will work to help protect your civil rights and your basic right to exist!

To cis allies: today would be a good day to make that donation. Consider one or more of these organizations:





Happy 30th Annual Coming Out Day!

A client today anonymously offers a quote that I’ve been hearing from others as well:

“I offer gratitude to those who’ve come out in the past, encouragement for those who will be coming out in the future, and support to those who don’t feel safe to come out yet. We see you.”


For a comprehensive array of links and resources, visit Human Rights Campaign’s site!


Header graphic by @rewstermania:



October to be LGBTQ History Month in Lancaster

Barry Russell: “I believe Lancaster is the FIRST city to officially honor the contributions of LGBTQ+ people and our history…that is powerful!”



(Lancaster rainbow stickers can be purchased from Madcap & Co.)

Lancaster Pride 2018 – Guest Post by Jessica

This was my first year at Lancaster PA PRIDE FEST and I was not disappointed! There was so much love and happiness in the air the storms blew over and the sun shined for all. I’ve never seen so many amazing people living their best life! The shouts of happiness and pride filled the streets of Lancaster near and fair and brought smiles to each and every person there.

There was no shortage of support

Thousands of LGBTQ supporters attended the 11th annual fest. Vendors lined the 8 blocks of Water Street to show support along with politicians, schools, churches, and local companies. Crafts stands where you could create while talking about your experiences and life with others were nearly everywhere. Companies big and small were out with apparel to please every gender shape and size.

The drag show in Culliton Park was fierce! One side of the stage a beer and mix drink garden, and the other side general admission. No charge this year to enter the event, but so many wonderful fest goers donated. The communities response was overwhelmingly positive states vendors all up and down the streets.

With many people stating this was the best year yet for Lancaster PRIDE! We sure are looking forward to next year as the community gets stronger and the support becomes greater! 

“An amazing organization bringing Queerness to an amazing place. Lancaster Pride has seriously raised the bar for future cities I visit ♥ You are amazing.” -J.S. Via FB

“Best Pride yet!!!! Oh my, you all outdid yourselves! So much to see, excellent variety of stands and food, and the music and Queens were fabulous! Perfect venue and not one little sight of anti anything! Can’t wait until next year!!!! Thank you!” -B.Y. Via FB


  • Jessica Yingling is our enthusiastic, efficient and creative Administrative Manager at Intersectional Life Counseling and Psychology