∙ NEW: Sliding-scale need-based fee discount: Please email us for the simple discount application form to see what your discount would be. Any client or prospective client may fill out the application just to see. There are no obligations or mailing lists.

∙ Insurance & EAP:

∙ We DO NOT bill insurances directly. Your insurance may have out-of-network benefits, which may reimburse you for certain providers such as dentists, therapists, or other specialists.

∙ Insurance reimbursement service is available for most insurances (clients pay at time of visit, we give client a receipt or submit the receipt to insurance, insurance sends client a reimbursement check).

(Link: Why we stopped participating in most insurance panels)

∙ Services & Rates as of June 1, 2019

Individual Therapy: (Rates apply to in-person AND telehealth sessions)

Intake/first session (~60 minutes):                  $135
Individual therapy sessions (~50 minutes):  $120 /(∙ Open Path members $50)

Sliding-scale discount: To determine your eligibility for sliding-scale need-based discount, please email us for the simple discount application form to see what your discount would be.

Couples/family therapy sessions (~60 minutes): $135

Group therapy: (~90 minutes):                      varies per type of group /(∙ $60-$100/Per participant, or by arrangement with organizations)

Forms filled (as clinically appropriate)         $13/page

Payment: check, cash, debit/credit, HSA, PayPal accepted.

∙ Assistance:

∙ All discounts will be determined by sliding scale. Please contact us for application.

∙ (Existing clients previously receiving a professional discount may choose to have discount re-determined by sliding scale if they wish.)

∙ A limited number of Open Path member sessions will be available for uninsured / underinsured / limited means (approximately $20,000/year or under) clients, including students. Please apply at Open Path Affordable Counseling website.

∙ A limited number of hardship scholarships will be available depending on funding. Please ask about availability/application. Currently there is a waiting list.

Insurance and Reimbursement Information: Why Don’t You Take Insurance?