∙ Sliding-scale fee/discount: Please check the fee estimator to see instantly what your fee/discount would be. Any client or prospective client may use the calculator just to see. There are no obligations or mailings. Most people are eligible for a discount!

∙ Insurance & EAP:

∙ We DO NOT bill insurances directly. Your insurance may have out-of-network benefits, which may reimburse you for certain providers such as dentists, therapists, or other specialists.

∙ Insurance reimbursement service is available for most insurances (clients pay at time of session, we give client a receipt for you to submit to insurance, insurance sends client a reimbursement check).

(Link: Why we stopped participating in most insurance panels)

∙ Services & Rates as of January 1, 2023

Individual Therapy: (Rates apply to in-person AND telehealth sessions)

Intake/first session (~60 minutes):                $143
Individual therapy sessions (~50 minutes):  $127 /(∙ Open Path members $50)

Sliding-scale discount: To determine your sliding-scale fee/discount, please check the fee calculator to instantly see what your fee/discount would be. Most people are eligible for a discount. The sliding scale is based on averages for the area (individual, household, income, assets, dependents, debts and expenses, age vs. savings, etc.)

Couples/family therapy sessions (~60 minutes): $143currently have no therapists doing couples / family but will provide potential referrals as available

Group therapy: (~90 minutes):                      varies per type of group /(∙ $60-$100/Per participant, or by arrangement with organizations)

Forms filled (as clinically appropriate)         $13/page

No-show / late cancellation: $50 first occasion, full fee subsequent occasions

Payment: check, cash, debit/credit, HSA, PayPal accepted.

∙ Assistance:

∙ Fees/discounts are determined by sliding scale. Please use our fee calculator for an instant estimate.

∙ (Existing clients previously receiving a professional discount may choose to have discount re-determined by sliding scale if they wish.)

Currently there is a waiting list for Open Path availability. Open Path member sessions are available for uninsured / underinsured / limited means (approximately $20,000/year or under) clients, including students.

Currently there is a waiting list for hardship scholarships.

Insurance and Reimbursement Information: Why Don’t You Take Insurance?