Staying home as much as possible helps keep ourselves and our community safer as the coronavirus pandemic grows, but it can be a challenge to mental health. Even those who are not usually prone to depression or anxiety may be experiencing the effects. And for those who already had mental illness of any kind, this may be a trying time indeed.

While living and connecting primarily through the internet may not be ideal under normal circumstances, for this kind of crisis it is an enormous aid. To help you find essential supports for maintaining your stability, we have compiled a number of great internet-based resources below.

Remember to start with the basics: sleep, nutrition, exercise, and social support, to give yourself the best foundation for managing your moods and emotions. And consider remote therapy if you need support.

Resources for mental health / recovery:

Help with medical issues

What to do if your child is sick:

Lancaster information:

Lancaster Local News

Help with sleep:

Help with food / eating

Exercise support:

Activities for adults:

Activities for families:


Free Software (short-term):

Ways to help others


Remember, Intersectional Life Counseling and Psychology offers remote video sessions (in-office sessions suspended temporarily) for Pennsylvania residents, as well as sliding-scale rates from $70.

Please email us if you would like to schedule or have any questions!

(*Please note: clients MUST be in PA during sessions due to licensure and legal issues.)



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