Dear Lancaster, the past year was a year of many transitions for Intersectional Life Counseling and Psychology!

Some of you have already begun attending sessions at our peaceful new location at 237 N. Prince Street! If you have not yet been to the new location, you may be glad to know that although we moved, we are still downtown and accessible.

Another change we are implementing is that for our 2020 rate update in February we are pleased to begin offering sliding-scale need-based fee discounts.

If you believe you might qualify for the discount you may apply to see what your rate would be. It’s a simple application form and any client or prospective client may apply. Please email us for the simple discount application form to see what your discount would be. (There are no obligations or mailing lists.)

(Note: if you are already an Open Path client, you’ll just fill out the sliding-scale discount application annually in Feb/March to maintain your Open Path status. We currently have a waiting list for new Open Path spots.)


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