My injured knee from the fall I took last fall is about as healed as it is going to get! I’ll be participating in this Saturday’s Race Against Racism again though probably at my traditional slow pace. 😁

If you would like to sponsor* me by contributing to our Therapy Scholarship, click the paisley icon 👇👇👇👇! (Read more about the scholarship below the link). Any amount helps! If you cannot donate, shares and RTs are also great. Thank you!!



Donate to Therapy Scholarship for Low-Income Marginalized Individuals

Often, members of minority and marginalized groups have the greatest need for therapy to help recover from injurious life experiences and environments. However, for the same reason, they are also the most likely to be unable to afford treatment.

This Therapy Scholarship has been helping to fund discounted, low-cost, and no-cost therapy in 2019 for low-income individuals with a qualified professional therapist. Your donations are helping keep the bills paid at ILC&P while we see clients!

So far this year I have personally provided 101 cost-discounted sessions to 11 separate clients. This included 15 sessions at an 87% discount and 86 sessions at a 55% discount. Donors have generously covered $670 so far this year–nearly 10%! Thank you!! For the balance of session costs I have donated my time ($6545 so far this year).

Minority statuses occupied by this year’s session discount recipients have included homelessness, disability, LGBTQ identity, immigrant/nationality, religious minority, and racial statuses, as well as low income.




*I plan to run regardless so it may not technically be a “sponsorship” but we do really appreciate any and all donations!

Read about my approach to running with PTSD.

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